FlowPower The Workout

 FlowPower is a revolutionary fitness program that fuses intense body sculpting movements of top level athletes with the fluid transitions often found in Yoga or Tai Chi: ultimately creating a fun, dynamic workout sure to shred your body and burn the fat! The FlowPower workout creates an anti-homeostatic state in your body. 
FlowPower bonds high intensity workouts with low to moderate intensity “flows” for an overall balanced experience. By combining these different practices, the workout increases its efficiency and introduces a streamlined approach to build strength and endurance. FlowPower’s science achieves an “after-burn” effect of fat destruction that continues well after the workout has been completed. FlowPower changes the ‘whole’ person, in record time. 
FlowPower is a unique customizable fitness program that takes into consideration the intensity you desire and the amount of time you have at any given moment in the day.