The DVD is truly remarkable. We have created a program you can do in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, for as long as you desire. Led by former professional athlete and entertainer Jesse Lipscombe, our program will keep you engaged and energized from minute one. These proven methods will give you the results you desire. The music will have you dancing and moving throughout. The production as a whole will be more than a fitness DVD; it’s a work of art.


Unique Customizable Workout

The FlowPower fitness DVD has the unique feature of allowing the user to select the intensity they desire and the amount of time they have available to exercise. The DVD will then automatically select and combine each component of the workout based on these factors. FlowPower fitness DVD’s will revolutionize the home fitness routine by providing a customized workout every time. This revolution comes in the form of new music scores powered by your movements, stunning scenic backdrops from the most beautiful locations on earth and the ability to be in full control of your own workout without fear of it being ineffective or inefficient.


High Production Value

We have chosen to work with Mosaic Entertainment in the production of the FlowPower video. Mosaic’s high production value and dedication to amazing video creation will ensure that the FlowPower DVD will rise above the rest. Brett Manyluk is attached to the project as the Director of Photography. Having worked on such projects as Brokeback Mountain, Good Luck Chuck and Ginger Snaps to name a few, his creative eye will bring a dramatic look rarely seen in this market.